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Hanoi is loading in the background for you, get ready!

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Hanoi EXPAT Group

Connecting Local Businesses to the expat community

Hanoiexpatgroup.com is a multifunctional and free to use platform for the expat community in Hanoi Vietnam. Around 60.000 expats and foreigners live and work in this dynamic city. All Expats have needs, and often the Vietnamese language and the use of the internet is a struggle to find the right needs.

Searching online is hard for the expats. Vietnamese companies often only have a Facebook page or a website that isn’t written in English. 

This platform give the community the opportunity to connect easier, faster and more reliable to the Vietnamese companies.

Vietnamese suppliers with a high service level, a balanced price-performance ratio and honest products and services, are now easy to find for expats on hanoiexpatgroup.com.

Expats can rate the listed companies really easy to share their experience with others. This is how we keep the database clean and up-to-date. Hanoi Expat Group connects local businesses with Expats. The perfect place for your Ad to be more visible for the perfect audience!

Our Services


Business Package

We offer several premium packages for your business in Hanoi. You will receive a unique private dashboard, premium exposure, control over reviews, comments and many more options with our premium packages.



We have a big range of advertising possibilities including banners, paid content, premium business packages, newsletters and sponsorship. Drop us an email on hi@hanoiexaptgroup.com with your request!



Everybody can upload their events to our extensive database for FREE! Easy add them through you dashboard. Make an account, Login to your profile, search for the event section and add them now for Free.


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Banner Homepage

A homepage banner is the best place to boost you brand!

We have two positions for a banner on the homepage.

On the top of the page, or at the bottom.

1920 x 160 px 

Banner Main Category

You want to show your banner to a bigger audience in the search results?

Top & Bottom 1920 x 160 px

We set your banner on one of our 14 main categories on the top AND on the bottom of the main category of your choice.

Banners on Niche Category

Ads on the niche categories pages are a good way to specifically target to your potential customer. 

Top & Bottom 1920 x 160 px

We set your banner on one of our 125 niche categories of your choice. Several links will guide the visitor to this niche search page. 

Banner News & Tips

The news and tips page is the place for expats in Hanoi to get introduced to news, tips, local businesses and upcoming events. A perfect page for your add to promote your business.

Rectangle add space at the News & Tips page 300×250 px. 


advertisement at hanoi expat group news and tips page
Your add Dimensions Price / Month
Banner Homepage Top position 1920×160 px 150 USD
Banner Homepage Bottom position 1920×160 px 60 USD
Banner Main Category Top & Bottom 1920×160 px 60 USD
Banner on Category Top & Bottom 1920×160 px 40 USD
Banner on News & Tips page 300×250 px 100 USD
  • Entertainment, Leisure & Travel                   
  • Babies & Kids             
  • Shopping                                                        
  • Health & Beauty        
  • Business & Financial services                        
  • Relocation & Household service
  • Medical & Healthcare                                    
  • Transportation
  • IT                                                                    
  • Eating & Drinking
  • Education                                                       
  • Government, Organizations & Religion
  • Home Decor                                                   
  • Visa & Work permit

Please take a look here to see all niche categories.

Let us design your Ad banner
Your add Price
Design your ad banner 20 USD
Design your banner with animation 35 USD

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