Hanoi is loading in the background for you, get ready!

Hanoi is loading in the background for you, get ready!

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About Us

About Hanoi Expat Group


Hanoi Expat Group was founded in 2019 by expats, who fall in love with the beautiful Hanoi City. Everyone who just arrives in Hanoi has a certain need of services and connections. Housing, business, services, leisure, healthcare and other needs. Because of the Vietnamese language it is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for. This is the main reason to build this online platform for the expat community. Static information with honest reviews in an easy-to-use web-based platform with a magnificent search engine. We love Vietnam, we love the people, now let’s do business and leisure together!

Hanoi Expat Group: build by expats – for expats

We love to connect the local businesses to the expat community. We like to share good services, honest businesses and fun leisure activities in Hanoi. Mostly provided by Vietnamese companies.
Hanoi Expat Group, a free to use online platform with information about living in Hanoi. Community news, events, businesses, services, leisure and more!
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